Family Office

Family Offices can be divided into two kinds:  1) a single-family office (SFO) and 2) a multi-family office (MFO). A typical SFO handles the financial, tax, legal and philanthropic needs of the lineal descendants of one ancestor.  This can encompass multiple branches and generations of an extended family.   An MFO provides the similar services to a group of unrelated families.

Perhaps the family office’s greatest strength is the personalization and customization of services the family office staff can provide given its limited number of clients.  The family office personnel can be very responsive to client requests and intimately understand the needs of the family members.  Primary services typically include the following: financial planning, investment management, tax services, legal, risk management, trusteeship, charitable giving, lifestyle management, closely held business management, concierge and foundation management. 

Effective governance and succession plans provide clear direction, shared vision and codes of conduct for families which is particularly important for family businesses.  A family office can provide professional, private and conflict-free management of the family’s affairs to increase the chances of sustaining human and financial capital for the long-term.  CLS Consulting, LLC helps clients develop these strategic plans to ensure the preservation of family financial, human, social and intellectual capital. 

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