Private Trust Company

A Private Family Trust Company (“PFTC”) is an entity that provides trust administration and fiduciary services to a multi-generational, single-family group.  Although they can be combined as one entity, it is more common to have a PFTC separate from a family office due to the fiduciary powers granted to the PTFC.  A PFTC can offer a unique opportunity to further estate planning objectives as well as family governance needs ensuring successful transitions across future generations. Families can feel at ease knowing there is a secure plan in place that will ensure safe and accountable management of family assets that meets current and future needs.

A PFTC can be the best solution for families:

  • Implementing long-term legacy planning trust strategies for holding family businesses
  • With active investment-oriented family offices
  • Searching for an alternative to institutional fiduciaries

The path from researching to deciding to establish a PFTC to actual operations presents a myriad of questions, all of which deserve careful consideration. CLS Consulting, LLC supports you with the assessment, design, implementation and, if needed, ongoing operational assistance of a PFTC.

Family Offices

Virtual Management

Director & Committee Selection